COM object problem

I have written a COM object using the
visual c++ wizard (DLL with automation).
The COM object has the standard DllRegisterServer, DllGetClassObject,
QueryInterface, etc ... I have also
implemented a class factory within the
COM object. My actual object is a CCmdTarget based class which has a handful of methods (including QueryInterface, AddRef, etc..) exposed.
now the problem. I am able to register the COM object, I can create a class factory object and then create my CCmdTarget based object. within the CCmdTarget object one of the methods allows me to create and display a modeless dialog. the method to create the dialog is accessed when a toolbar button on the main application window is pressed. I am able to create and display the dialog correct. within the application main window I also have a routine that uses the CCmdUI to control the state of the toolbar button ,keeping it in the pressed state as long as the modeless dialog box is displayed. I check the state of the dialog box by calling a method within my CCmdTarget class that that uses IsWindowVisible() to check if the dialog is visible. for some reason when I call this method my pointer and HWND
handle are invalid for the dialog box I created earlier and I get a memory error,  what is going on ????
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Make sure Ur passing the exact pointer U get while UR creating it.
Is the dialog local to the function where the DoModal function is called?
If yes, the dialog object is on stack and no referencing should be allowed after the functon exits.
You should hold the dialog object as a data member.

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