Partition question

At present my 13G hard drive is configured as follows:

Volume         Type         Size     Used     Free         Status
C:             FAT32         6950.0 1324.8   5625.2         Active
*:             Extended     5,475.3     5,475.3 0.0             None
 D:             FAT32         5475.2    10.7     5,464.5         None

I would like to enlarge my D partition to 10G and have my C Active volume
the balance.  I have tried to resize C using the Resize/Move tool but it creates another Primary volume rather the enlarge D.  When I try to resize D it limits this partition to 5475G.
I used Partition Magic V.4.0
How do I accomplish what I want to do?

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I dont think you will be able to resize C: with partition magic  
u need boot disk , make sure it has fdisk on it    boot to A:  select fdisk, when it ask to enable Large disk support select yes
( WARNING,, these next steps will wipe out your system)
select option #3 delete logical drives
that will be D:
select #3 delete extended partition
select#3 delete primary partion, next reboot  type fdisk at A: it will ask do u want to enable larg disk support answer yes ,
next select #1 create primary partition,
it will ask if you want to make 1 primary  and make it active  answer no ,then it will ask how many megabites to make C:  type in approx.3375 ( thats close to 3gigs
next select #2 make partition active
next select #1 create logical drives  assign the rest of your hard drive to this( I'm telling you these steps from memory  but i think i got it right)the instructions on fdisk arnt that hard to understand
next reboot and at A: type format C:/s
next type format D:    then reinstall your system with master cd or whatever system you have  (good luck)
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Why can't he resize C:?  Since it looks you only have 10 mbs on D, delete D and try resizing C:.  Get it to the size you want and then try making D: again, setting the size you want.  Sounds like the system isn't seeing free space, you need free space (that is, unformated, unpartitioned space) in order to increase/resize a partition.  What does your BIOS see in terms of the capacity of the drive?  
The reason that you can't resize c: is probably because you're running partition magic from c: (and probably form whitin windows), you need to make a patiotion magic boot disk and use that instead. When you run the program from the floppy (yeh, it should fit on one floppy :)), it will let you resize c:
Fisrt , you resize C:( around 3 G) , that is the primary partition, and then
you can move the extend pertition to the left , afterwards , resize your extened partition, Lastly , resize your D:. Then you may format both drive

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I agree with removing the extended partition attached to C: and resizing c: from partition magic on a floppy.
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