Netscape cache tag problem

  I'm using the  Netscape tag

<meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache">

in the html output of my cgi-bin script.
Once the page is loaded , the browser URL shows :

1. Now the problem comes once I try to reload the page.
   It asks if you really want to repost the data from the server.
   I don't want this to come and it should reload the page    automatically on clicking on browser's "Reload"
   How do I do that?

2. If you try to view the souce code for this page. It says that
   the document has expired. How do I enable it to show the source
   code and use the Netscape no-cache TAG also.



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pankaj_gargAuthor Commented:
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the problem is not in this tag.

i think, that you have a some kind of CGI-script, which produces this page and this script is causes a problem. and I suppose it in all my following answers.

so, from my point of view, you have two ways to solve this problem:
1) i think, that you execute this script using <form ... method=post <===
This "post" is the source of your problem. you should replace it with the get, if it is possible.

if it is not possible, then
2) you should not use the CGI generated page. instead of it you should use the redirection, to the another page, which will not have the post method in execution (it can be either static .html document or dynamic cgi-script but _without_ posting parameters).

if you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask me for more details.

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