Winroute 4.x Pro Setup

I have poured through the Winroute 4.x Pro manual and still find myself asking questions that the manual didn't cover.

I want to connect 4 PCs to the internet via one IP connection.  My concern begins with the fact that Pac Bell (our ISP) now tells me they use dynamic IP addressing and PPPoE to PREVENT/DISCOURAGE users from trying to setup proxy servers while only paying for one account.

1.  Can Winroute still use its NAT if  the ISP assisgns a dynamic IP address?

2.  Does PPPoE prevent me from using Winroute and it's NAT?

3.  Can someone step me through assigning /seting up the other 4 workstations to access the internet simultaneously?  (i.e. TCP/IP setup on the individual workstations, the submask/DNS? settings?)  

I realize this could be a tedious question, but I think it could prove beneficial to many others who try to setup a similar system?

We are using Windows 98/OS and are connected using Microsoft's printer/file sharing (Microsoft networking).

Please advise what other information I may need to provide to help you help me!

Thank you in advance!
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You can install on the PC connected to the internet a proxy-server/firewall program. Normally WinRoute should can do that. But I tried it also and it keeps crashing my systems so I trow it away. I found some free systems like Spaghetty proxy, CSM proxy, Proxy Lite, and on ...
Outside you LAN nobody will see you are using more than 1 PC to connect to the internet because it will be blocked by the firewall. I hope it will help you.
anaedAuthor Commented:
I have been told by several people that Winroute is a good software.  I especially like the fact it will perform network address translations (NAT) in lieu of running a proxy server.  It also can function as an email server, DCHP server, and so, I'd like to make it work.  

As such, I would like to know from someone who has successfully used Winroute Pro 4.x in a similar setup as me, and provide some answers regarding the use of PPPoE.  

I sent a message to Winroute's site, and their response was that they dont have information regarding POET.  (Hello, I said PPPoE.. not POET) ...

I wonder how PPPoE  (PPP over Ethernet) will affect my wanting to run Winroute.  I DO NOT want to install Winroute's proxy server.  I am assured that the benefit of NAT is that I dont have to install the proxy server portion.

This weekend, I installed a basic setup of winroute.  Unfortunately, our ISP had a problem on their end, so I haven't been able to test my installation.

Can someone tell me if I have to run DNS server or indicate on my client computers "which is the DNS server, Winroute computer or ISP ?)

Thanks again.
The following article describes the benefits (to the provider) and the drawbacks (to the end user) of PPPoE.  WinRoute support is not stupid, PPPoE is also called POET.

PPPoE uses the Dial Up Networking interface, so if WinRoute supports analog dialup, it should support PPPoE.  If WinRoute does not work, try Sygate for free...
I looked at WinRoute's site.  Their documentation leads me to believe that WinRoute will support PPPoE - because DUN is supported.

After setting up WinRoute install TCP/IP on all workstations with the "Obtain IP Address Automatically" option check.  WinRoute takes care of the rest!!!

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