May I know the types of cybercrime?

I'm doing a project on cybercrime.
May I know the types of cybercrime and how do they occur?
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That would differ between all countries, and for the US it differs between states.

Go to and read article Q175312.  It explains your problem.

The key that has to be set to 'N' is the following:



Sorry, wrong comment!

My comment for you should be: go to and search for cybercrime.  You'll find a lot of information concerning the theme.

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Cybercrime is definitely a growing concern nowadays.  In my experience the reasons they happen, in no particular order of frequency are: curiousity, fame, acceptance, damage, public humiliation, political disagreement, embezzlement, greed, & infowar.  The types of cybercrime are numerous:
-Defacing a website to display one's dislike of a particular entity.
-Poisoning a DNS Server's cache to direct traffic to one's own site for personal gain.
-Hacking a host for the fun of it.
-Hacking a host to acquire proprietary information for numerous reasons.
-Hacking .gov or .mil sites to bring potential national security concerns to light.
-Hacking financial institutions for monetary gain.
-Hacking government systems to try to achieve electronic collapse of their infrastructure.
-Doing it just for the hell of it.

    Although these are few reasons why cybercrime might be pursued, they are a reality and each and every one has happened on numerous occasions.
As for the hows, you'd better check that out on your own...
Have a look at:
....too many to list.
    Also check out:
etc., on IRC
That should get you on the right track.

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Moresca makes an interesting comment.  It can be incredibly enlightening to go to efnet's #hack and sit for a few evenings.  You won't get a straight answer to any questions you post there, and the signal to noise ration ain't so hot, but if you watch for a while you can learn a lot.
AwmytieCommented: and click on Search.  You'll find some interesting stuff.
Other examples of cybercrime are,

cyberstalking:- hassling/harrassment of a user via email or other means.

piracy:- up or downloading of copyrighted software

credit card fraud via online purchasing

some sexually oriented activity online may be a crime where the user concerned is resident, a pretty general example is paedophilic activities, but may also be related to homosexuality (in a lot of US states in fact), or even just plain nudity (Arab/moslem countries)

Racism online may also be criminal according to it's form and intent and again based on locality.

Basically anything that can involve an abuse or misuse of information can be regarded as cybercrime.
The FBI does allot of monitoring, from talking to a few of them. Tyey will monitor a person's e-mail activity based on input from various informants.
hokwAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot! I've found what I wanted. My project is
now over.
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