Trident 975 and no video

Philips 107E,
model 17e422e;
scanning Freq: Hor 30-70Hz, Ver 50-130hz
Video Card:
Super VGA, Trident Image975 Linear Accelerated for PCI (v6.20.3528I) - 4 mb mem

Distribution: Macmillan Software (Linux-Mandrake)

Problem:  Install went smoothly except the video configuration.  Ran Xconfigurator and xf86config multiple times with no improvement.  Usually greeted by a blank, black screen, OR I can see the KDE desktop but the pop ups and windows are transparent.  The text stays on the screen and gets quite jumbled very quickly.

Please Help.
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penguin275Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Use one of the configurations that provides the incomplete display (transparent windows, etc) and manually enter the following line to the device section of your XF86Config (found under /etc/X11/) file exactly as it is typed:

Option "no_accel"

It sounds like your monitor can't quite handle the scanning frequencies that you are trying to use.  Try running your video configuration at 640X480 and see if you can get it working although you should be able to do at least 800X600 with no problem.  As far as the XFree86 server, if you have found the one to use with your card, use it.  If you are not sure or want to try a basic one that will work with most cards, use the generic SVGA driver "XF86_SVGA".  Once you get it working the first time, having a basic working configuration you can go back to, you can play with and try to setup the best server for your card, and increase your video settings.
Do you have access to SuperProbe and XF86Setup in your Linux version?
huffx4Author Commented:
Thanks!  sorry it took so long to respond.  I am up and running now!
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