how can I copy the BitBlt and StretchBlt, but from a DIB to a DIB?

I would like a Win32 API, but C/C++ code to manually do that would be fine, if its decently fast
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Your question is a little unclear.  You can't copy BitBlt and StretchBlt(), they are functions.  Are you saying you just want to copy a DIB to another DIB?   If you want to copy the entire DIB and keep it in the same fomat , it is very easy, just copy the BITMAPINFO structure that descrbes the DIB's format using = and then copy the pixel information using memcpy()  


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BITMAPINFO SrcBmp = {??????};
void *SrcDat = ????;
int DatSiz;
void *DstDat;

DatSiz = SrcBmp.bmiHeader.biSizeImage;

if (DatSiz == 0)
   int BitWdt = SrcBmp.bmiHeader.biBitCount * SrcBmp.bmiHeader.biWidth;
  int BytWdt = ((BitWdt >> 3)+ 3) && 0XFFFFFFFC
  DatSiz = BytWdt*SrcBmp.bmiHeader.biHeight;
DstDat = new char[DatSiz];

DstBmp = SrcBmp;

Its harder if you want to copy only a portion of the DIB or change its storage format.   While you can do this by copying the information manually, like a complex version of the example above.  i think the easest way would be to just copy the image from the source DIB to a memory DC using SetDIBIts() and then copy image out the memory DC to a destination DIB in the new format using GetDIBits().  
***Blt work with CreateDIBSection().
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