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How do I save my contact list to a disk for transfer to another PC for use there?
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kind4meConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OR export to file comma seperated values.

A *.csv.

Then do an import from the other Outlook.

This is a little easier and neater.

Hope this helps

as always
Mr Happy
Easiest way to export is to select File > Import and Export > Export to a file > Personal Folders file.

When getting to the new locale, File > Import and Export > Import from another program or file > Personal Folders file.

Steps are for Outlook 98 & 2K.
Make a copy of the .pst file.  Delete everything you don't need to transfer.  Save the .pst file to disk.  Copy the original .pst back over the one you altered.  On the new system open the .pst file using File -- Open.  Copy the contact information into the existing .pst file on the system.

The .pst file contains all the information recorded by Outlook for a particular profile.  If on a LAN you can open this file from other installs of Outlook if the permissions are set and then copy any information you want into your own profile.  The .pst file can be very large if there are large numbers of entries.
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squaw85Author Commented:
Thank you very much
No sweat anytime!
squaw85Author Commented:
I am fairly computer literate, or so I thought. I even design web pages
and have consulting business, but have not learned Outlook
totally yet.  
I need to get much more proficient with it tho', as I am going to
network our office and would like to start using it as our e-mail
and daily calender and phonebook program.  Means I am gonna
have to show others how to do things.  So I appreciate you assist.

If I can ever do anything for you don't hesitate to knock on my door.

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