Question for Madshi - WaitForInputIdle

Can you answer me for 100 points?
Lulli ( LulliAgain )

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you are not allowed to create multiple logons.
Lulli, well I'll give you the answer that you want - but in the other question. Please go and delete this account. Barry (inthe) is right. It's not allowed to created more than one logons.
lulliagainAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys!!!

this is my brothers accounts, i use him to register again and get more points, but how can i delete my accounts?

thanks very much for telling me that!!!

Can i not have the answer?
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Don't know, write to Customer Service (they have an own forum, look at the homepage of EE). They'll delete it for you.
lulliagainAuthor Commented:
Can we just forget this?

and you answer this question for me and
i have learn my %&/%&

Lulli, I have already answered your question!! Look in your other question (the original one).

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simple solution.

1: go to other question.
2: reject my answer.
3: increase points to 10 LoL
                   (Ok Maybe 100 ;-)
4: you can then accept madshi's comment
in other question as an answer.
5: come back here delete this question.

then tell customer service to delete this accout.

the multiple logon thing is apart from other things to stop people from never paying for points  therefore e.e make not enough money and close.
It also stops experts creating several accounts and asking questions and accepting there own answers has happened in past (allegadally) <sp>
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