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I am making a activex textbox control in visual basic 6.0 and i want to create it so that when the user drags the mouse inside the textbox it changes colour and when their mouse exits the textbox the textbox goes back to the original colour..
How could i make this happen?
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Are you trying to simulate cut, copy , paste feature ?
Hi adam8!
Use API function

Public Declare Function GetCursorPos Lib "user32" (lpPoint As POINTAPI) As Long
Public Type POINTAPI
        x As Long
        y As Long
End Type

Put Timer object on the control and in
Timer1_Timer Event put code that checks that mouse still in range
   dim l as long
   If tPoint.x > Text1.Left and tPoint.x < text1.Left + text1.Width and
tPoint.y > Text1.Top and tPoint.y<Text1.Top+Text1.Width then
   end if

  Timer1.Enabled= True in Text1_MouseMove event

Set the Timer1 interval to 1


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adam8Author Commented:
I knew there was a way to do that involving a timer but I don't like using timers too much unless i really need to because they slow down the program a bit.. Is there any other possibility.
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adam8Author Commented:
I tried what you told me and it didn't work..
Could you please help.
Hi adam8 !
Can You explane what a problem , because it has to work. So what You mean it doesn't work .
adam8Author Commented:
i will explain in detail.
when i wrote the first comment i said that when the cursor entered inside (Not clicked but moved inside) the textbox i wanted the textbox to change color and then when the mouse exited the textbox i wanted it to go back to it's normal color.
i tried the thing you wrote and i changed it so instead of the cursor changing the textox would change but instead the textbox stayed the color it was supposed to change into. so for some reason the program thought the cursor was always inside the textbox..
That was what went wrong.
I think that You forgot in Timer1_Timer
when You had write
  If 'Mouse not in range of text then
to add the operator

try to put breakpoint on Timer1.Enabled=False
and look when it will arrive to it

If that will not work so I send the part of Timer1_Timer code and will see together.

adam8Author Commented:
i added the text1.color comment and i added it under the timer1_Timer
and i set the interval to 1 and i set the timer to enabled and i entered the API and i don't know what i am doing wrong.
adam8Author Commented:
something happened...
when i entered the cursor inside the textbox it changed color....
but when i moved the cursor outside the textbox it didn't go back to the original color....
How can this be fixed..
You have to fix it in IF condition by that You identificating textbox range.So in else of the IF You have to put
'it has to be some thing like that

IF MyPoint.x > text1.left and MyPoint.X < text1.left+text1.width and MyPoint.y> and MyPoint.Y < + text1.Height then
end if
adam8Author Commented:
It is like that but i will try again...
The mousmove function enables timer1 but the mousemove function only occurs when the mouse moves within text1. which means if the mouse is outside the textbox the timer wont become enabled because the mouse move function wont be used...
Is that what is going wrong?
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