Computer won't boot

I recently removed one of two hard drives in a Pentium computer and, in attempting to reconfigure the BIOS, I have "lost" my computer.  I am unable to boot, even to the floppy.  When powered up, I can hear the drive spinning up and the CD light comes on for a minute or so, but no activity on the floppy.  Nothing appears on the monitor, nothing at all.  Is there any way to "force" a floppy bootup?  I have good floppy boot disks, but if I can't get the computer to actually check the floppy drive, they're of little use.
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Open the case and look for ribbon cables pulled out of their places. Push them to seat them properly. If any of them is completely pulled out, then you'll have to put them back. Here is how. Along the one side of each ribbon cable there is a red stripe. On each drive, the red ribbon should be put on the side of the power connector. On the mainboard, the red stripe should be put on the where number "1" is printed on the mainboard. The above is not absolute for the floppy. On the floppy side, the red stripe might be on each side, depending on the drive. It is safe to try each position.

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MartinSAuthor Commented:
Yes - I agree.  That was actually the first thing I tried.  When that was unsuccessful, I then separated each connector, inspected for any bent pins, and then reconnected them.  No joy.  The system whirrs and putters a little when powered up, but no monitor activity and no indication of a boot-up in progress.  Thanks.
Try to start the computer with no cables connected. If it still does nothing, you can try removing the expansion cards (even the vga card) one by one and starting the computer in between. Note that AGP cards can cause this behavior easily since their series of pins is double. It is easy for them not to be seated properly.
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MartinSAuthor Commented:
Viola! Disconnecting all cables had no effect.  Removing the ONLY expansion card (the modem) resulted in a boot-up!  Well, of sorts - the best it can do without any drives attached.  Thank you kindly for continuing the quest.
OK. Now put everything back except the modem. Try to put the modem in another slot.
MartinSAuthor Commented:
Runs like it was brand new.  Again, thank you for the support.
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