Legendary Dogs

Does anyone know where I can find the legendary Dogs in Pokemon Gold?
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DeeTigerAuthor Commented:
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their are no real pokemon called the legendary dogs but you do see them once but you can't find them ever again I have tried looking for them every way that I read about but I still could not find them and if their were these three pokemon wouldn't they show up on the pokedex
I have gotten all 251 pokemon and their is no room in it to have three more pokemon because it only goes up to 251

it took me over 800 hours of game play to get this far so I think that I know that you can't catch them
DeeTigerAuthor Commented:
now I would like to ask you is mew in the pokedex in pokemon red and blue no they make room is pikablu in reb and blue pokemon no it shows up when you catch him so there must be room for the dogs oh and you suck me and my friend started at the same time and got all 251 in 54 and 55 hours so you must suck
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hey I spent time training mine from weak pokemon unlike you who spent 10 hours cheating to get every pokemon

and if you are so good then what are their names because only the people at Nintendo know their names and they would not be included in gold and silver because they will be in purple, brown, orange, and pink versions of the game that is why you only see them for a short moment
DeeTigerAuthor Commented:
you are an idiot if you thin if you really think Nintendo will make all those new versions of pokemon most nintendo officials beleive that after Gold and Silver the pokemon fad will be over so they would never waste there time making those version besides nintendo will soon be putting all there energy in there new system to try to beat Playstation 2 and Dreamcast so and if you had half a brain when you train pokemon you would have just taken all your level 100 and up pokemon wil the weak pokemon to the elite four. oh and for your information I didn't cheat you just suck!
It's fairly simple: there in the middle of the sea. simply go surfing and go to the border of the map, and keep "Sticking" to it. you shuld be moved (something like stairs) into a whole new map with a couple of islands. on each island there is a pokemon. and the way out is to beat or capture all of them, and then another island will appear with stairs, and you will appear in your house, downstairs.

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