Removing or Installing Over Win95 Upgrade

I just received a laptop that givers me numerous Rundll32 errors. I have a full version of Win95 but am unable to reinstall over and upgrade version of Win95. Since I don't have the upgrade version, I cannot reload it.   How can I remove the upgrade version without reformating or force it to allow me to install the full version. Since the upgrade version is full of errors, I would have to use Dos programs and commands to remove the older version.
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You say you can't install over it, does it give you an error? What does the error say?
He cant install over it because he has the OEM or FULL cd which will NOT allow you to upgrade an existing windows OS.  Its a limitation MS programmed in intentionally.  

If you want to wipe the HD out, you can get a boot disk and format the drive and reinstall that way.  

Unfortunately i can't think of how to get rid of the MBR crap which is preventing you from installing a fresh copy.
Create a bootdisk with the CDROM drivers you need to access your drive.  If unsure about this aspect you can do a search on the INet for Win95 boot disk +CD +driver, and you should find a boot image to do this.  Once you have the bootdisk, copy fdisk.* and format.* from \windows\command to it.  Reboot using the bootdisk.  At the dos A:\> prompt issue "fdisk c: /mbr" and then "format c:".  Access your drive with the Win95 setup disk and run the setup program.  You shouldn't have any more problems.
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I'm sure asking you to read the question is too much so i'll recap it for you..
"How can I remove the upgrade version without reformating or force it to allow me to install the full version."

Although I also suggested formatting the HD, I know he wants to avoid that.
I have successfully used a full version to install over a previous version. If you are getting the message that windows found an exesting operating system rename the file to win.old. If there is a DOS subdirectory rename it to DOSOLD. that should allow the full version to install.
If that doesn't work you will need to rename the win.old back to to get your current to work again.
joed:  Doesn't the installer notice theres a bootable OS in the MBR?  

It's been so long since i've installed 95/98 from cd i've become useless.  But I could have sworn you had to clear the mbr otherwise the installer would choke.  But i'd say try joed's way first, its the easiest and most promosing.
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
Try renaming to, then try reinstalling the Full version.
To remove the corrupt version of Windows you will need to delete the \Windows directory.  You can then follow through with my other suggestion except for the formatting of the hard drive.  That will allow you to retain any data out of the \Windows directory at least but not any of your programs.  Reason I suggested clearing the lot, it is always the best way.  It is very dangerous to try to retain the registry and all settings from an installation of Windows that has become corrupt.   The problem with retaining any of the old Windows system is that the corruption my be retained in your new installation and cause problems, not always immediately.
So depending on what you want to retain on the hard drive will determine the approach you need to take.  If you wish to retain all current installs and settings you can try just renaming as suggested by others.
Just simply delete windows folder, and then reinstall it in the DOS prompt,
which you may enter it by pressing F8,
and choose "command prompt only"
Then , you may use a full version CD_ROM to install the Full version

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