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A question concerning frames

i want to build a site using frames so that the upper frame will remain static and the lower frame will
Be active.
The code should be something like this :

<TITLE>my page </TITLE>
 <FRAME NAME="toolbar" SRC="toolbar.html">
 <FRAME NAME="g.u.y" SRC="guy.html">
In the upper frame I have buttons (I called it toolbar.html) and everytime I press on one of the buttons, the upper frame should remain and only the lower frame should change. Instead  I get
Always the opposite, the lower frame remain unchanged and the upper frame where the buttons are
Changed.  how can i change this ?
1 Solution
In your links on the top page toolbar.html you need to add this to your links target = "g.u.y" for example
<a href = "http://yoursite.host.com/page2.html" target = "g.u.y">
The change will be in the main window!
Is that what you wanted?
dsmarketAuthor Commented:
Sorry but this question related to java script ,as I have a java script inserted.
So I have to change the "location" of the question.
parent.frames["g.u.y"].location = "myFile.htm"


parent.frames[1].location = "myFile.htm"

Tip; change g.u.y to guy; then you can use syntax as;

You should not have rejected dvd99's answer, since you did not give complete info on the criteria for an answer accepted. You could have suggested him to clarify his answer based on the new facts, instead.

(Another question of you having the same scope can be found at http://www.experts-exchange.com/jsp/qShow.jsp?ta=javascript&qid=10264068 .)
First condition is to give a name to your frames (you did it)
<TITLE>my page </TITLE>
<FRAME NAME="toolbar" SRC="toolbar.html">
<FRAME NAME="guy" SRC="guy.html">          I don´t know if g.u.y. will work

Then you have to set the target as below:
<a href="your.html" target="guy">Your link</a>
<a href="my.html" target="guy">My link</a>

It´s it!

In your case (two frames only) its possible this way too:
 <title>What you need!</title>
 <base target="guy">
This way, all links will be opened in frame guy.



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