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Printing Problems...

Last time I was using EPSON Styles Printer, now I want to change to Canon BJC 265 SP Printer, but I faced a problem that is after I installed the Canon Printer 's driver and try to print a document in Windows, but it came out a message box that said "Cannot detect printer cartridge type!!, and so on....."
Then I used Norton Utilities to viewed the system information about the printer, in the Printing Processor there still using the EPSON STYLES, why??
and how to delete it?? I already deleted it's driver already, and install the Canon Printer's driver and don't know why the EPSON things still there..
or if you know how to change or delete the printing processor please tell me how, thanks!!!!
1 Solution
The Epson Stylus driver consists of two parts, first the actual driver, which
you most likely successfully have deleted from the [control panel] / [printers], but Epson also installs it's own "Print Manager" or spooler for it's

Take a look in [control panel] / [add/remove software] and check if there's a
line saying something like "EPSON Printer Software". If it do, then choose to
remove that software.

One more thing that can be causing the message is if your printer port isn't
a bi-directional kind. Most new printers want to communicate with the
printerdriver. If it's a fairly new machine, you can probably check the BIOS
settings to see if the printer port is set to bi-directional mode (if it's
supported)  Or you might be able to tell the printerdriver somewhere that
you're only using a "spp" port.. Single directional Parallell port.

I hope this can help you out a bit.

go to setting, printers and right click the printer you want to use. Make sure it set to the default printer. You should be able to have both printers installed with no ill effects.
jason_nothingAuthor Commented:
No, I try it already, but still cannot and still come out with the same message I mention above, I am very sure there is no problem with my printer, only something to do with the previous EPSON driver, I mean the Printer Processor still using EPSON, although I deleted everything about EPSON. Only this Printer Processor can't delete, and don't know where to delete...how???
jason try renaming the lpt.vxd file to .old  and then reinstalling it see if that makes a difference otherwise you are going to have to search the win.ini and the system.ini for the epson printer software

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