Compaq Insight Manager & NetWare 3.12 (3.2 Enh)

Can someone save me time and hair loss and give me some ideas to make this easy.

I need to run Compaq Insight Manager on NW3.12 (Patched). Server is a Compaq Proliant 3000. We have TCP/IP Enabled plus the standard IPX. The NIC is the standard 10/100 Cpq. We experienced problems about six months ago trying to get this to work and due to time constraints, we "Left it till later".

Unfortunately, the "Till Later" has now bitten us on the proverbial and we need to get it happening yesterday.

Thanks in advance for your experience.
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After you apply a patch from Novell, you "have to" apply the patch from compaq called "NSSD" - Netware Software Support Disk-  it contains drivers from Compaq for their components. Some of them are not the same as the ones from Novell. I had the same problem with a Proliant 800.
When you apply the Novell patch, the drivers from Novell will overide the ones from Compaq. Then when you apply NSSD the drivers from Compaq will overide the ones from Novell. Since you have a Compaq NIC you must use the driver from Compaq. To do that, just make sure the last patch is always NSSD
Would you like a step-by-step on how to setup Compaq Insight Manager?  The initial setup is kind of "hokey" but once you get it running, it is simple to maintain.
Chris RipollMaster of NoneAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply. To be fair, I will try michelandres' proposition first. If I succeed, I will advise michelandre to post  his comment as an answer. If I still have problems, I will ask jcneall for the step-by-step instructions.

Thanks again
Take care when installing  on a live server as this can cause a hang if certain NLM’s are already loaded. The Compaq Management CD provides an installation utility, CPQAGIN.NLM, to install and configure the Insight Agents for NetWare on a NetWare Server.  The Compaq Management CD must be used to install the Agents.  From a NetWare server console, perform the following steps:
1.      Insert the CD into your CDROM drive, mount the CD as a NetWare Volume.
3.      The utility will first present a screen with several options. Select "Copy New NetWare Agents to SYS:SYSTEM" to install or upgrade Insight Agents (on-line help is available throughout the utility by pressing F1).  All COMPAQ agents will be transferred from CD to your NetWare Partition, and a list of agents to be loaded and run displays.
4.      The next screen allows you to select the agents you wish to configure. Move the cursor to the desired agent, and select YES, or NO.  You can then move the cursor to select additional agents, or save the information and continue.
5.      The next screen allows you to configure the agents for several parameters, SNMP Monitor and Control support (community and monitor strings), SNMP Set support, Insight Manager Remote Server Reboot, and polling interval.
6.      The screens that follow will depend on the individual agents installed: CPQHOST may be configured to issue or not issue NetWare SAP packets. CPQTHRSA may be configured for the maximum number of threshold entries to support.

The easiest way to use the Compaq Insight Agents is to install them using CPQAGIN.NLM which updates your AUTOEXEC.NCF file. NetWare will then automatically load the agents during system initialization. To configure a fully monitored server, be sure to mount all NetWare volumes prior to loading the Insight Agent agents.

In order to enable Insight Manager to update items on a NetWare server, you must load the SNMP NLM with a community string specified for the Control Community. The SNMP NLM will be automatically loaded by the TCPIP NLM if it is not already running.  To establish SNMP communities, other than the default values, you must explicitly load the SNMP NLM with the appropriate command line parameters.

The SNMP NLM allows different user communities to be specified on the command line.  The monitor community is allowed to access all SNMP attributes with read-only access.  The control community is allowed read-write privileges. If the SNMP NLM is loaded without specifying either community, it will use PUBLIC as a default monitor community, and will disable the control community.  This default condition means that no read-write access is allowed, and therefore no SNMP set commands will function.

Use either INETCFG or CPQAGIN to modify your community strings.
It is possible that other vendors may also have NCF files that load the SNMP.NLM with community string information. This can normally be determined by examining the AUTOEXEC.NCF and any NCF files which it calls.  If this situation is discovered, it would be advisable to use the first reference that loads the SNMP.NLM to assign the community string information.  The other references to loading of SNMP.NLM could then be commented out and also commented to tell future administrators where the actual load SNMP.NLM is performed.
The SNMP NLM must be loaded before the TCPIP NLM in the AUTOEXEC.NCF file in order to enable SET commands or to change the default community string parameters.  If you are using TCP/IP support, the TCPIP NLM will automatically load the SNMP NLM with default command line parameters. Subsequent LOAD commands for the SNMP NLM will fail.

Additionally, each of the Insight Agents which have information that may be changed from Insight Manager support a command line parameter (/S) to enable SNMP set support for that Insight Agent.  Refer to the section in this document describing each of the Insight Agents and the supported command line parameters.

Installing the Insight Manager Console

Insert the Mangement CD in to you workstaion the may autostart the install menu or you can run the console set-up program from <drive>:\INSIGHT\WIN32\ENG\SETUP.EXE, Pick the default.

Note If your using a UPS then you may have to reinstall that software so Insight will report its status properly.

Good luck if You have not already fixed it

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