Mac-Name resolution

I am having problem with Outlook for Mac getting it to communicate with an exchanfe server. It pings the servers IP but not the name so the problem is with the name resolution. Mac I understand doesnt use hosts files. Does any know of another solution
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually macs can use hosts files. Open your TCP/IP control panel. Command-U to get the User Mode dialog box. Check Administrator. Hit ok and in your TCP/IP window you will get a hosts button.
BrazileeAuthor Commented:
Weed, Thank you for your response. Please advise when you get the hosts button do you enter the same parameters
as you would for a Windows Hosts files
That i am less certain of. I believe they are the same parameters but i could possibly be wrong.

In any case you shouldnt be having problems with outlook getting only an IP and not a name if your DNS server is set up correctly in the TCP/IP control panel. Is this a LAN or a WAN?
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