Setiing up PPP client for WINNT RAS

I am running NT Workstation at home, connected to cable modem. I want to be able to dial up my NT box and connect to the internet. I set up RAS on the NT box (correctly, I believe -to accept plain -text authentification)

I then tried to set up PPP on my Linux system. Red Hat uses Linuxconf to do this. EVerything seemed to set up correctly, my PAP_secrets file had my login and password in it, but it wont start PPP.

THe Linux book I have says that the server will begin PPP or you must initiate it with a command like "PPP". When I dial into my RAS server, Minicom sez it connects at 38,000 , but no PPP is initiated by the server.IT just conncets and sits there.  Is there a way for the client to tell NT to start PPP? Or is there another way to do this? When I issue a PPP command from my Linux box, it never connects. (I can telll with the ifconfig utitlity) .
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Linux conf allows control of the PPP/Slip links under the heading "Control->Control Panel->Control PPP/Slip/Plip links...Try using that to start your RAS connection...This Starts PPP with the other info already configured...
Do not use minicom to initiate the call.
You can use kppp from X or manually call pppd:

# pppd ttyS?? modem crtscts 38400 noipdefault user 'username in pap file' debug kdebug 25 connect 'chat -v "" AT OK ATZ OK ATDT9999999 CONNECT "" '

replace ttyS?? with the correct serial port device,  9999999 with the correct phone number and  'username in pap file' with the correct user name.
Modify /etc/syslog.conf to redirect debug output to a file, then you'll have all the ppp negotiation reported to this file.

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