Where can I get basic information on the c++ standard library.

Scott Myers in his book entitiled seomthing like
"50 ways to imporve your C++" code
suggests that I should learn the C++ library.
Unfortunately he does not provide any details
on the c++ library.

I just want the basics.  If I can't learn the basics
in a couple hours a day for a week, I will
probably have to muddle
along without learning them.

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If you're talking about STL (the Standard Template Library), then I recommend the book "STL Tutorial & Reference Guide: C++ programming with the Standard Template Library" by David Musser, et al.  It not only is a good book to learn STL for the first time, but it is a thorough reference, covering every aspect of the library.

You can also probably find online resources to get started.  It's probably easiest to get started with the collection classes (vector, set, map, list, etc.) and the iterators, so try to find info on them first.  Move on to the functions in the algorithm section (for_each, sort, etc.)

This link has pretty good info:
FYI  Scott Meyer's books are "Effective C++" and "More Effective C++".  Misnaming those here is kinda like going to a christian church and saying "you know that messiah guy"

I can't comment on the Musser, book as I've never seen it, but if you are new to C++, I recommend Bjarne Stroustrup's "C++ Programming Language".  Although it is not devoted to the STL, it has several chapters on it.  It also covers many other aspects of C++, which is why it is a good place to start.  If you are very familar with C++, but not STL, the musser book might be better (or another), if you are new to C++, you might want to look a Stroustrup's.
Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide

Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition

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You might want to try:
The Draft Standard C++ Library
by P. J. Plauger  
wow, thanks chensu. I have a several good STL books, but didn't have a good URL. This is an excellent resource . I hope that you get the points :-)
klopterAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Those links look good to me.

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