Problem with network card

I am trying to install a network adapter (I have tried Intel(R) PRO/100+ PCI Network Adapter and Dlink 528 PCI adapter) on a Pentium 133 Mhz PC. However after installation the network adapter status tells me that the driver has not been loaded and the device is not working. I have tried to install it in both Win NT 4.0 and Win 95. I tried changing the PCI slots also. But it doesn't work.
    Additional a diagnostic program provided  with the Intel adapter tells me that the "Loop back test" failed (other tests i.e. Control Register, Cable test, and the Intel 82558 contoller tests are passing). I am not able to understand the meaning of Loopback test also.
    Earliar this PC had been successfully configured with the DLink DE 528 adapter. However for some reason I plugged in a ISA based Texas DSP board. After doing this the netwrok adapters are giving me this problem even if I remove the DSP card. I have tested the network adapters on other PCs and it works fine.
     Is there a possibility that some IRQ clashes could be occuring ? Do I need to check some BIOS settings ? Please advice.

Regards Ganesh
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patrickpeetersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Boot Windows 95 in safe mode, and remove everything whats standing in control panel - Network Adapters. Then reboot normal and reinstall the drivers for your installed networkcard and normally it should work by itself.
Is the NIC showing up in your device manager tab?  (go to control panel->System)

If it is, is there an exclamation point or question mark next to it?  Does it report a conflict?

Does windows report more than one NIC?  Perhaps a pre-existing NIC that was never removed from the hardware profile?

Is there anything connected to the NIC? a lot will fail their tests if there is no cable connected. I usually just stick a coax t-piece and terminator on the back. Loopback will always fail when there is nothing connected.

*grin* this puzzled me for a month until I found out the trick.


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