Win98SE Supercom LAN

I have successfully linked two W98SE computers to my ADSL RJ45 input through a Supercom 505ST 5-port hub.  But unable to link the two computers; after the W98 setup, the other computer doesn't appear in Network Neighborhood, and on boot each computer shows an error in the Windows load screen "Domain Server not found. Unable to verify password".  Password is blank, currently.
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NenadicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your computers seem to be setup for authentication by an NT domain.

Go to Network applet in Control Panel and click on the Properties for Client for Microsoft Networks and deselect the option to be authenticated by NT domain.

Both of the computers have to have File and Print Sharing if you want to see them in Network Neighborhood.

Are your protocols correctly setup?

(Use the same name Workgroup on both computers)
Brainz0Author Commented:
The protocols did cause some problems, and somehow setting things up unbound the computer1 NIC, but now everything works fine.  Thanks for your expert guess! :)
Brainz0Author Commented:
But, BTW, the second computer can see my colour printer, but not the scanner it is daisy-chained through!  Computer2 seems to want it installed through COM1 or 2, or LPT1, but those are local only and don't achieve anything.  :(
I'm not sure if you can share a scanner... Possibly if it's attached to a parallel port, it could be mimicked as a printer (very uncertain of this).
Brainz0Author Commented:
Got everything working--ADSL and local together, just loverly.  The trick was to use share-level rather than user-level access control.  Can't get at the scanner from the second machine, even though the imaging software can be called, and tries to get at it. The device is just invisible from the second machine.
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