Installing Windows 98 instead of Windows NT4ws

Can anyone explain to me how to install Windows 98, when I've already got WinNT4ws (stand alone).  As I'm relatively new with computers, I'd very much like a "clear" explanation.  I've never installed an OS before (never reformatted, made a boot disk or whatever), so the explanation will have to be pretty detailed !  I'd also like to know if anyone thinks it's best to keep Windows NT (more stable...).  I don't have any problems with NT - I just think Win 98 might be more "userfriendly" (?). Thanks very much.
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Nt is better than Win98 and not that hostile people think. If you don't play games that specifically require win98, then keep your NT.
What version of NT are you running?  Windows NT 4.0 uses almost exactly the same interface as Windows 98.  So the look and fee and user-friendly would be about the same.  If you are using an earlier version of Windows NT however, and upgrade would make it more user-friendly.  You should upgrade to Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 if you are looking for a more user-friendly version with more features.

As far as what is better, Windows 98 or Windows NT, it highly depends on what you plan on using the computer for.  Windows 98 has advantages in certain areas such as video, internet, games compatibility, etc. and NT is better in security, networking, and higher-end business apps (especially networked apps).  There are whole white papers dedicated to explaining which better for what.  I'll see if I can find one for you.  A simple definition (I know Microsoft and all the MCP's out there will slap me in the face on this simple definition) is that essentially Windows 98 is consumer and Windows NT is business.  Obviously it goes much deeper than that as I'm sure everyone else is going to chime in on this one.  :) Microsoft has white papers on the very subject although I don't have one on hand.  I'm sure someone can provide one if I don't come up with one soon. :)

Check out for a Full Performance Study done on business applications running on Windows NT 4.0 vs. Windows 98.  NT is clerarly better for business applications.

Here's what Windows 98's Setup.txt says about Windows NT & 98:

You cannot install Windows 98 over any version of
Windows NT, but they can exist together on a single
system. However, for compatibility reasons, it is
recommended that you install each to a separate hard
disk or partition. If Windows NT is already installed,
Windows 98 Setup will add itself to the Windows NT boot
menu to allow the user to multi-boot between Windows 98
and Windows NT.

So, in other words, you either have to go for dual boot (if you want both) or you have to uninstall Windows NT and install Windows 98 for scratch.  It won't let you install Windows 98 over the top of Window NT, which means you lose all you settings and customization you had in Windows NT if you decide to replace NT with 98.

In your case, since you are new to computers, you really don't need a dual boot computer.  So the first things you need to do is decide whether you want Windows NT or Windows 98.  That will depend on how you plan on using the computer and whether you want to lose everything in your current installation.

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Wistex is right about starting from scartch if you decide to change to Win98. If you do here is what you would have to do.

      You first need to decide what operating system you intend to load after formatting the hard drive.  It is best and easiest to use a boot disk for that Operating System. You will need the proper boot disk in order to load the operating system on the computer, else it will reject loading due to the wrong Operating System on the computer. If you don't have a Win98 bootdisk you can download one from here
You will also need to set up the partition(s) by using FDISK and then format the drive using FORMAT.  

      a) Insert your boot disk in the floppy drive and start the computer.  Once the system has completed booting and an A: prompt appears you are ready to start.
      b) Type FDISK and several options will pop up.
      c) You will want to determine what partitions already exist and delete them. You do this by choosing option 4, Display partition information, and pressing ENTER. This screen will tell you the partitions that exist. Most people will only have one but there could be more. Next press ESC and you will return to the FDISK OPTIONS screen.

      d) From this window you will be able to delete the partition(s).
Choose option 3 and press ENTER. On the next screen choose option 1 and press ENTER. Press ENTER again and a line will come up asking you to enter the Volume Label of the drive which is displayed at the top of the page. Type in this Volume Label and press ENTER and a confirmation screen will appear, press Y to confirm it and press ENTER, and it will delete it. Press ESC and you will return to the FDISK OPTIONS screen.

      e) Now you need to create a new primary DOS partition.
Choose option 1 and press ENTER. At this point you will be asked if you want to enable large disk support, answer Y and press ENTER. Press ESC and you return to the options screen.

      f) That should have you ready for the next step. Reboot the computer with the floppy still in and when it is again booted to the A: prompt you'll begin the FORMAT command.
      a) Type: format C: /s and press ENTER.

      b) Format should display: WARNING, ALL DATA ON
Proceed with Format (Y/N)? Type Y and press ENTER.
Your screen should display the size of your drive and a countdown in precentage of formatting completed.  Depending on your computer's speed and the size of the drive it can take from a few minutes to complete.

      c) When it reaches 100% complete, you will see a new message:    
FORMAT COMPLETE. SYSTEM TRANSFERED.   This indicates that the files required to boot your computer from the hard drive have been copied from the floppy to the hard drive.  The computer can now boot from the hard drive without a boot disk in the floppy drive.

      d) You will see one last message:
Volume label (11 characters, ENTER for none)?
Type anything you like or leave it blank - Press ENTER

      e) Take out the floppy and reboot the computer. You can now begin to load your Operating System by inserting the CD into the player and typing D:\setup where D: is the CD player.

Hope that helps you
Some of these comments need Chapter titles, heh heh!

Why don't you just wait for Windows 2000.  It combines the advantages of both NT4 and Win98.  It's also very easy to upgrade.

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