DHCP recived an unknown option 006 of length 004

why am i getting this message in the event viewer box on my exchange server?

And is there any connection with this and not being able to send external mail only recive it?
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Tim HolmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What kind of DHCP server do you use ?
003 is the default router.
Can you post up the exact event log error message ?
Are there any errors on your DHCP box ?
The 006 option sets the DNS Server address. If this is set incorrectly then the Exchange server will not be able to resolve IP addresses, stopping it from sending mail externally.

To check this - in DHCP Manager, choose the DHCP Options menu. You will have three options - Global, Scope, and Defaults. Each one of these will display the current value for the "006 DNS Servers" option. Check to see if they are set correctly.

A better idea (and convention) would be to give your Exchange server a static IP address and supply all the other required IP information, such as DNS server address names, Gateways, etc. Remembering to exclude the IP address you use from the DHCP scope.
Paul_mcatearAuthor Commented:
It has now come up with 003 004 any sugestions
Paul_mcatearAuthor Commented:
Thanx this helped me to solve the problem.  the router was not correctly set up.

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