Zipware - PPP connection prob using ppp-go

      I have Zipslack installed on my Pentium 120, 16MB PC, and have had trouble connecting to the Net using the ppp-go command. Everything works fine when I am root, but when using a created user and issuing this command, I get the following error message:

/usr/sbin/pppd: must be root to run /usr/sbin/pppd, since it is not setuid root

Can you please help me out here, as I don't want to be surfing the Net as root!

Cheers in advance,
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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Duplicate question, I think.

pppd needs root privs to run. As root execute the command "chmod u+s" /usr/sbin/pppd" and ordinary users will the be able to connect to the Internet.
There are many solutions to this problem.  But, the one I use, and like the best is masqdialer.  You can get it at:

They have links to other solutions on this page as well. Also, you will need to access the server with a client.  The site has link to several clients which work with the masqdialer server (called mserver).

Have fun, and it is fun!
bmarfellAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I use Zipware (a version of Slackware), and there doesn't seem to be a package for this flavour of Linux (only Debian, SuSe and RedHat).

Any ideas?
I have lots of ideas as a solution to this, but the easiest solution would be to download the Debian package you want, and grab the alien source code at:

You will need a version of Perl (5.004 or greater) on your system in order to use alien.  Put the source code in a place you like to unpack in and do a tar xvfz alien.tar.gz.

Enter into the alien directory, and type make install.  Alien won't write over other files on your system because it uses unique directories.

Then go over to the deb flavor package (I favor debian packages because they are well put together) and do a:

alien -t name_of_package.deb

You can also get a Slackware version of alien at:
Just be very careful about using jlevie's solution because you have opened up some major security holes, whereas masqdialer circumvents these problems by using a proxy.
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