Why the fuzzy photo scans?

I just bought the scanjet 3300c scanner.  After numerous tries, I finally got it to scan.  Now, the picture that comes up in the scan looks fuzzy.  I left the resolution as it was to see if it would pick the best resolution. I was scanning a photo.  Do I need to change the resolution?  If I do, what do I need to set it at, 300 or what?
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barr012200Author Commented:
increase the points to 100
Photo scans best at resolution = 150 dpi and Output Type = Colour Photo (Best).  Have you tried bringing your scanned image to a application (eg. PhotoDeluxe) ?

Have u tried printing the scanned image out.

Pls take note that the scanner is the lowest end in the SJ series so don't have too high expectations.



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barr012200Author Commented:
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barr012200Author Commented:
I received an e-mail about the fuzzy photos, but was unable to locate it. I'd go to the web site, but it would not open. Would Dexter please e-mail me so I can try it again. Thanks, BARR
i find that fuzzy photos occur despite scanning at 150 and 300 dpi. scanning at a higher resolution improves detail of the photograph scanned. "fuzziness" remains.

Using Photoshop to adjust the 'levels' of the photographs improves the 'quality' of the photograph 'on screen'.  consistantly , there are missing darker shades / hues from the 'levels' histogram created . Correcting for this improves the fuzziness of the photograph scanned 'on screen'. I have not checked for the printed quality.

I wonder if there is a software within the scanning program to correct for this ? It would improve the quality of the image scanned for viewing / use  on the computer.

scanning at 300 dpi does improve the quality of the scanned photograph.
I don't know if it is "OK" to add a comment on a "closed" question, but assume it is OK, and please advise if it is a problem.  I just searched for a solution to a fuzzy photo problem with an Epson 4870 scanner - this is now 2005 so of course the technology is much better.  This is the only question I found that resembled my question, and in case anyone else looks for a solution, here is an updated one for 2005 technology.

I solved the problem myself.  With "digital ice" on, the photo scan is very fuzzy, with "digital ice" off, I got the correct scan.  (The preview had looked good, the scan unusable.  After turning off digital ice, the scan was comparable to the preview.)
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