Connecting Remote DataBase


Could any one tell me how to connect with Remote Database.
for e.g, I am having a Ms-Access database in a machine which is windows NT,
i need to connect that database from a solaris machine, but both are web servers.

It is possible, if yes how ?

G Ramesh
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Hi Ramesh,

Ms-Access won't be connected like that.

See Jdbc drivers info

Best answer: Vladi21

Java Database Connectivity is a standard SQL database access interface, providing uniform access to a wide range of relational databases. It also provides a common base on which higher level tools and interfaces can be built. This comes with an "ODBC Bridge" (except on Mac 68K). The Bridge is a library which implements JDBC in terms of the ODBC standard C API. 

Silicaon Valley Java SIG JDBC Talk Page 

Java how-to DB section 

articles from Oracle: 

JDBC 2.0 New Features 

MS bridge 


Books online 
Java Database Programming with JDBC 
Java 1.2 Unleashed : Connecting to Databases with the java.sql Package 

and some useful DB stuff:

WebLogic JDBC (30 day trial) 

Multilingual Databases and Global Internet Integration 

Summary :

You are using Ms-Access ( ODBC )
JDBC-ODBC bridge won't support networking.

Best of luck

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How can I use the JDBC API to access a desktop database like Microsoft Access over the network?

Most desktop databases currently require a JDBC solution that uses ODBC underneath. This is because the vendors of these database products haven't implemented all-Java JDBC drivers.

The best approach is to use a commercial JDBC driver that supports ODBC and the database you want to use. See the JDBC drivers page for a list of available JDBC drivers.

The JDBC-ODBC bridge from Sun's Java Software does not provide network access to desktop databases by itself. The JDBC-ODBC bridge loads ODBC as a local DLL, and typical ODBC drivers for desktop databases like Access aren't networked. The JDBC-ODBC bridge can be used together with the RMI-JDBC bridge , however, to access a desktop database like Access over the net. This RMI-JDBC-ODBC solution is free.
rameshg21Author Commented:
Thanks to vladi & ravindra

thank you very much for the list of URL's provided.

G Ramesh
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