Image files default to Paint Shop Pro image!!!

i installed the evaluation copy of paint shop pro on my notebook and all the image files suddenly default to become Paint Shop Pro images (as seen under Windows Explorer).
Now that i've removed the software from my notebook, the settings still remain.
so when i tried to double click on the image, the system tried to launch Paint Shop pro which doesn't exist anymore!
pls advise how can i revert to settings to normal JPG or BMP, etc. images?
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MrbreezeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1)Click the image you want and hold down the shift key.
2)Right click the image and choose Open With
3)In the box that open, scroll down to the program you want it to open with and check it.
4)By default Win98 uses Iexplorer for .jpg and .gifs and it uses MSPaint for .bmp
5)The check box on the bottom of the Window that says Always use this Program to Open...
6)If you check that box it will use it until you change it again, if you don't check it it will only work one time with one file.
7)You can do this any time you choose.
or look at you old viewer program, for view jpg and bmp - and try to registry file types from options this programm.
andreatAuthor Commented:
Glad to help, let us know if we can help you again
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