Modem must be removed & added each time

I have an internal 56k fax modem by
3 Com Corp.  When we try to use it, it
says that it is being used by another
dial-up network, or it says a modem cannot be detected, or the modem is not responding.  No matter which message we get, we can go to the control panel and remove the modem and then add it again and use it once.  But if you sign off you have to go throug it all again. Why?
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Edy1988Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you intent to re install the windows get the modem out first,reinstall, and then put the modem,the windows wil recognize a new hardware and will ask for drivers!
Sounds like the problem is in your setup. What type of connection do you use? Regular dialup, AOL free service.
1)Go to Control Panel,Internet Options
2)Click Connections
What do you have there in Dial up settings
3)Highlight your dial up listed there and click the Settings button. There should be nothing checked in that Window
4)Now click the Advanced button. Uncheck the Disconnect...if it is checked and click OK
5)Click the Properties button and then choose the Server tab. There should only be one thing on the bottom checked TCP/IP. Uncheck the others if they are checked.
6)In the top of that Window only software compression should be checked

Tell us how that goes
The only sure fix I have found to this problems is to reinstall windows over the top of itself. (Only if your using win98)
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The answer might be something we techies call dups.  Go into safemode, that's F8 at the point when it says, starting windows 98.

Go to your system icon in the contoll panel and then goto device manager, and then click on the + sign beside the modem.  Remove all the modems that you find under this catagory, and now reboot. Check to see if your modem is now working, if it, you had the case of dups.

"answer might be something"
Sounds like a comment to me. A little something I copied from the Help Desk

My general advice to experts is the following:
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which windows do you use?
delinaAuthor Commented:
I am using Windows95.  Sorry I did not tell you that.
It sounds like resources within your OS are not being assigned correctly. The modem is trying to use a com port or interupt that is already in use by another device. Sometimes you can get around this by installing again, and using the modem listed as #2 in modem properties, other times the only way to get it to work is to reinstall Windows and let your OS detect all devices from the beginning and assign resources correctly from the beginning.
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