file assn changes with Winamp

Every time I use Winamp, it steals my file association for wav files for itself. But when I look in the file associations list, I can't find it. I go to start/settings/folder options  file types tab and view the whole list of associations, and neither MP3 nor WAV are there.

How do I edit the "winamp file" list when I can't see it?

How do I prevent this from doing it again?  I want to use winamp for MP3 only--nothing else
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I don't use Winamp but you should have a setting in it that sets the association. Go to there site and read what they have. Look in the help files of Winamp for the setting. It probably has a setting that can be disabled to reassociate itself. Real Player has a feature like that that recovers file association unless you disable it.

Usually when you install the program there is a section that prompts about associations and if you miss it the program usually is set by default to be the default for all the formats it plays.
Sorry I can't give you more specific but I'm sure you can find it in the help files or at the site.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
wavking, Try this: -

(1) Click to open the Winamp window. Click the upper leftmost corner of the Winamp logo and drag down the context menu and select the options - > preferences.

     At the Setup-File Types - Associated extensions
     Where you can select which file type is associated with Winamp
     Double-click to unselect the "WAV".  It will not be highlighted.

     Double-click to  "mp3" and "mp2" to select them. They will be highlighted.

    Checked the box for Register type
    [x] on Winamo start.

    Close the preferences and exit the Winamp. Restart the window. Restart the Winamp.
    New changes will be effective.


(2) Go to right click any *.wav file, it will not be associated with Winamp.
      Normally, WindowMultimedia Player will open the wav file again.
      If not, select the *.wav file. Hold <shift> key and right click the context menu and select the option "open with" and select the program "mplayer2" to open with all your *.wav file.
      Checked the box for
      [x] Always use this program to open with.
      Click OK.

Let me know if you have any queries.     pslh

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wavkingAuthor Commented:
I'm sure it probably works, but I got rid of it before I had a chance to try it. Someone gave me another program to use. But I'll keep this handy in case I go back. Thanks
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
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