I can not get DNS to work for Dial-up connection

I have just installed RH6.0 and I am trying to get my dial-up to work so I can browse the Internet. I am able to connect and bring up pages that I know the IP address of but not able to browse by name. I tried to setup everythinig by going through all the config files, but could not get that to work. Now I am using xisp, and it seems to work, just not DNS. any ideas?

forgive me for being a linux newbie :)
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You need to add (or modify) and file in /etc called resolv.conf

open /etc/resolve.conf and add the following:

domain <the domain name of your isp>
nameserver <the IP of the primary dns server for your isp>
nameserver <the IP of the secondary dns server for your isp>
search <the domain name of your isp>

for example, mine is:

domain your-way.net
search your-way.net

(note, this will ot work for you)

Then give it another try,

if it still does not work then edit /etc/nsswitch.conf
and look for a line called hosts

make is look like this:
hosts     files dns

Save this file and try again. You may need to redial before these changes will take effect. If your resolver cache has been corrupted you may need to go to single user mode and back to multiuser mode (or just reboot) to fix this.

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ooopss, typo, that file is /etc/resolv.conf not /etc/resolve.conf  :-)
cliff_mAuthor Commented:
Seeing how I am typing this while running Linux, I think I can safely say that your solution worked. Thank you for your help.
Now I have a fighting chance to learn more about Linux, because I don't have to reboot into Windows to find the answer. :)
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