DBGrids and Windows NT 4


I am having problems with my D4 ap when it is run under Windows NT 4.

I have several forms with DBGrids on them attached to queries and there are no problems with them, but one form has its DBGrid attached to a TTable component in a master-detail arrangement.  (The grid is attached to the detail table)

When I run the program on my WIN98 machine all is well, but under NT4 there is no data in the grid linked to the table.  I have carefully checked my MasterSource,MasterFields and IndexName properties.

Any ideas??

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Are you running as a normal NT user, or an administrator user?

If a normal user try running it as an administrator to eliminate problems with access permissions...


? maybe the detailtable is empty or not open on the NT-Workstation, just a guess

Yes jdthedj!

There are difficult to understending, but after browsing in master table, data in connected to detail table DBGrid may dissapear. (It happen only with NT).
To solve this I suggest:

1) Change deatail TTable to TQuery
2) Define SQL: select * from table_name where some_field=:param_name
(do NOT assign DataSource property in detail TQuery, do not forget to define type of parameter)
3) MasterDataSource.onDataChange event:


Usually it help;)

PS: I was tried a lot, but solution described above look more easy & attractive.

Best regards

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jdthedjAuthor Commented:
Hi Raymond, Meikl and Igor - thanks for the replies.

There are only 2 NT machines linked together in a peer to peer arrangement, and the prog is installed locally on one of them together with the tables.

Igor's idea works, so I will go with that!

Thanks again.

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