Image ready 2.0 not working

I have installed PS 5.5 update in a PC with PS5.0, and Image ready does not
load, nor Save for web function works, showing a window that reads: "Could not complete the Export command because Photoshop 5.0 (sic) does not supply the services required by the plug-in module". NOTE: I had already uninstalled PS5.0.

I tried in another machine with less memory and older processor, with PS5.0
installed too, and everything worked fine.

Could anybody help me? I already tried reinstalling PS5.5 but everything
remains the same.
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Perhaps you should re-install 5.0. since 5.5 is an "update" to 5.0, I would assume that both need to be installed.
if i were u. i had better uninstall all the photoshop and install the 5.5.
or try uninstall the 5.5 and install it again (maybe there is some error happened in installation) so u have a problem in image ready.
guedalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the uninstall/reinstall comments but unfortunately don't work. I don't know why.
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I am guessing that somehow the directory structure is staying in place even after the control panel uninstall.  After you uninstall, go to where you had an Adobe directory, probably under program files, but you would know where it was.  Using Windows Explorer, open all the subdirectories under Adobe, and if there are any image files you want to save, move them somewhere else.  Also, you may want to move any actions or other things you have added on to PS 5.  After you have cleaned out anything you don't want to keep, delete the entire Adobe folder and all the subfolders.  

Reboot into MS Dos, choose Start:ShutDown:Restart in MS Dos
(this assumes Win 98)
At the c:\ prompt enter:

Then when that is finished, restart, and try a clean install of PS 5.5 from the update disk.  You will probably need to insert your old original V 5.0 or whatever was your original purchased version of PS.

The 5.5 directory structure was completely changed in order to accomodate Image Ready.  

Let me know if this works..

I am wondering if you intend to try the fix I have proposed?  

Please tell us if you have resolved your issue and how, or let me know if you will try my fix.  


I have given you the answer to your problem.  Either you have tried it and it worked, and you don't feel any need to return to award the points, or you are not interested in resolving the problem.  Would you be willing to tell the rest of us which of the above two choices is the correct one?


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I will be happy to withdraw my answer if you will revisit this issue and tell us if you wish to award the points to someone else.  Please do take the time to tell us if you resolved your problem and how you did it.


guedalAuthor Commented:
Sorry to you kencam and the group that tried to answer the question for my dissapearing.

I went on vacation first, and when back, I was trying to catch up with all the matters when my computer crashed. I lost some information and am still working on putting the rest in safe.

I consider fair Experts Exchange gave the points to you due to my no show. However, just for the records, and if anyone has the same problem in the future, I tried your proposed solutions and did NOT work. I will now take advantage of the disaster happened to my PC to format the hard drive and install PS 5.5 from the scratch.

Best and thanks for your effort
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