Stored Procedure

How can I write a storded procedure to an AS400 directly from Access or VB.
I'm familiar with using stored procedures via ADO objects.
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It might be easier to install client access so that you get an installation of ODBC for AS/400 if this is not already installed.  
Add a new connection in control panel/ODBC 32.

Link an AS/400 physical file via Access using the new ODBC link you created.

Use the new link as if its a table in Access.

If your AS/400 is not a fast server model you should use the MS Access Make Table to create a local copy of the data first, so as to prevent unnecessary overhead on the AS/400.

Create the Stored procedure on the AS/400 as follows

pace this in a source member and use
RUNSQLSTM CL command to execute this SQL statement.






   OPEN C1;


The next VB program consists of a form with two input boxes and a command button to call the procedure.
Text2 is the control that the user enters the number into.
Text1 is the control that the customer name is returned to.
Command1 is the button to pass the parameter and call the procedure - and handle the results.

VB Declarations:

Dim env1 As rdoEnvironment
Dim conn1 As rdoConnection
Dim strsql As String
Dim ps As rdoPreparedStatement
Dim rs As rdoResultset

'Form Load event code

rdoEngine.rdoDefaultCursorDriver = rdUseOdbc

Set env1 = rdoEngine.rdoCreateEnvironment(" ", " ", " ")

strsql = "DSN=xxxxx;UID=xxxxxx;PWD=xxxxxx;"

Set conn1 = env1.OpenConnection(" ", rdDriverNoPrompt, False, strsql)

conn1.QueryTimeout = 3600

The user enters a customer number into Text2, and the following code is run when the command button is clicked:

strsql = "call SPLIB.GETNAMESET(?)"

Set ps = conn1.CreatePreparedStatement("NAMETEST", strsql)

ps(0).Direction = rdParamInput

ps(0).Value = CInt(Text2.Text)

Set rs = ps.OpenResultset(rdOpenStatic)

If rs.RowCount = 0 Then

    Text1.Text = "Not Found"


    Text1.Text = rs!CNAME

End If

Text2.SelStart = 0

Text2.SelLength = Len(Text2.Text)


WaillandAuthor Commented:
Can i Create the Procedure programmatically from VB? If yes, please help
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I have provided you with the answer for creating a DB2/400 stored procedure and you have rejected it. The AS/400 is NOT a PC based operating system. Its database and operating system are proprietry
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