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uploading music

How do I upload a song to my web page, and do I have to leave my computer on for others to hear it?
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Hi there:

You must upload the file (.mp3 .wav .mid ...) to your web as you upload all the other files (.htm .gif .jpg ...)

Yo don't have to leave your computer on to let ppl hear the song as you don't have to leave your computer on to let ppl view your pages.


ps: Imagine that a song file is as your other files.
If you don't know about uploading files then check out sa-filup (costs money) or sitegalaxy (free) these allow you to upload files via your web site
Your best bet is to have all files pertaining to your webpage in one (same) folder.

EMBED your music file such as "yourmidi.mid" file into the webpage.

When you go to publish your web page to the site, you will be given a choose of all files pertaining to your web page or the whole folder.

By having all in the same folder, e.g. "MyWebPage". everything will be automatically upload to the site if you select the folder option.

By the way if you need help writing to your WebPage the html tag so the music is on your webpage go to: http://www.midisound.com/howtoadd.htm
This site will help you. Also as mentioned earlier, since the files are stored on site by who is letting have a webpage area your computer will not have to be on.

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