Changing Main board in NT4 Server

I need to change the mainboard in an NT4 server. If I remember the last time I attempted this I got a blue screen of death at boot time (something about a HAL problem). Is there a set of procedures that I need to go through to get the server back up and running quickly without reinstalling NT4 and restoring data?
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I cannot answer this question, and probably nobody else can. If the mainboards are similar, the swap works **most** times.

Probably you had just bad luck last time. Only god knows wether you will succeed this time, and he won't contribute in experts exchange :-)

Some hints may help:

* check the new BIOS HD settings (if you have IDE) and make sure they are the same like before, before you attempt to boot

* put PCI cards into the same PCI slot numbers like before. if you cannot determine the slot mumbers a PCI hardware diag tool (plenty available on the net) lists your boards along with their slot numbers.

* bring as many of the old components over into the new mainboard as you can, especially the VGA adapter, probably the HD controller (if SCSI) for the first try. If you want to upgrade those components as well, go one step at a time: mainboard first with all the old stuff in it, VGA next then swap card after card.

* make backups of everything.
Make sure you are using a board with the same number of processors!!!  Going from a single processor HAL to a multiprocessor HAL or vise versa will hose you every time.

Worse comes to worse:  Install NT on a fresh hard drive in the new motherboard and put the same service pack on it.  Then hook up your old server hard drive on a secondary header and copy these files to it from the fresh hard drive's install:


Then reboot with your old hard drive.  That will repair any booting issues with HAL problems.  Did I miss any files?
Oh yes, also set these registry settings AS SOON AS YOU GET BOOTED BACK UP.  Otherwise the next time you install a service pack, you'll get the wrong HAL files.

(n being the number of processors you have)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\RegisteredProcessors=(DWORD)n

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment\NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS=(STRING)"n"
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if you are trying to go from single to multi-processor there's a utility in the resource kit for this purpose
as already pointed out, if the motherboards are alike-enough, it shouldn't be a problem.  I went from Tyan 1846 to Abit BH6 with only one problem - NIC had to be reinstalled.  It was placed in a different slot on the new board.
This sounds kind of risky, but if the motherboards are different it's the only way and it WILL work..install new mobo.  run nt setup and install to a temp directory call it WINTEMP or something..don't worry.  Just take the min. install..deselect all options, you don't need them.  once you have done that you can overwrite any files in the original directory.  MAKE SURE to edit the boot.ini file so you can boot from either install.  You'll need to copy the HAL.DLL to the original directory.  Once you do that it will get some more stop errors.  Just keep copying the files that are in the blue screen and after several times of copying the new files over it will work.. I have done this 2 times recently with great success.  It can be tedious but I promise it will work....also get a good backup for safety.

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