security in VB

I want to write aprogram in VB that working in windows NT ,this program should read,write and modify adatabase
of ACCESS.These operations should be ellegall for some users and are not for some others,would anybody deal with this situation,i hope so .
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To perform a file write in NT system user must have privilege to do that, your app needs it, this is a must.

You need to do own user login for the app and then check which options may be available for the user there mustbe a user database/table for this, this is very easy to create in VB.

If you do not wan't the login form, you can install the app in separate working levels using personalized regkeys in "current" (every user has one in NT) user section.
The security is relative high, but it is breakable by users who can read NT registry whit regedit, also you may use NT system security to set these programs unavailable.

norman2000Author Commented:
The database files ,which store important data,would not be performed by any body except by apermited users ,and that should be only by the program(io. even the operating system can not modify or delete these files).
Why not create security in Access?

' #VBIDEUtils#************************************************************
' * Programmer Name  : Mike Scaife
' * Web Site         :
' * E-Mail           :
' * Date             : 28/06/99
' * Time             : 11:32
' **********************************************************************
' * Comments         : Access 2.0 security groups
' *
' *
' **********************************************************************

Function rmsAdminPerson () As Integer

   'Test if current user belongs to the MaintAdmin Group
   'return True if so
   Dim Mygroup     As Group
   Dim MyWSpace    As WorkSpace
   Dim intLoopUser As Integer

   On Error Goto ERROR_rmsAdminPerson

   Set MyWSpace = dbengine.workspaces(0)
   Set Mygroup = MyWSpace.groups("MaintAdmin")

   For intLoopUser = 0 To Mygroup.users.count - 1
      If Mygroup.users(intLoopUser).Name = CurrentUser() Then
         rmsAdminPerson = True
         Exit Function
      End If

   Next intLoopUser

   rmsAdminPerson = False
   On Error Goto 0
   Exit Function
   Resume EXIT_No_Belong

End Function

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