Checking for an attached printer

I need to check if there is a printer attached to the PC or not. I am using Windows NT 4 SP6. I would appreciate some sample code for Delphi 4 to detect a printer or not.
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Try accessing the Printers property of the Printer object. This will give you a list of the Printers attached (or that Windows is aware of), so if this list is empty then there aren't any printers actually attached (that Windows knows about)

IF Printer.Printers.Count = 0
  MessageDlg('No printers known about', mtInformation, [mbOk], 0)
  MessageDlg('Aware of ' + IntToStr(Printer.Printers.Count) + ' printers', mtInformation, [mbOk], 0);

The Neil

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AFAIK there's no possibility to check whether a printer is really attached (and on power and ready for printing and ...).
The only thing you can do is look which printers are *installed* (that is what you find in ControlPanel->Printers). Use TheNeil's suggestion to do that.

Regards, Madshi.
If you send something to a printer that's not actually attached/powered up BUT is installed, then Windows will place it in the print queue anyway so it's not a problem. Madshi has confirmed what I thought (but didn't dare say in case I revealed that I am in fact an idiot) and Windows hides all that sort of thing from you

The Neil
skymagAuthor Commented:
Thanx this was exactly what I wanted. Luckily there will be no printer driver installed unless a printer is actually attached to the PC.
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