convert watcom database

I have Database that was building with watcom
I need to convert it in to access the data base have tow files
One file name filename.db and second name is  filename.log
If some one think he can convert this file or tell me how to do I will be
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ajith_29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can view the database using odbc and the proper backened tool like sql anwywhere or using any front end tool like powerbuilder.
If ur going to use powerbuilder first create an odbc profile and then u will get connect to the database and then u can acess the database.
U have not told how u want to acess the database using another backend tool or through front-end.
This will help u i think if not ask me in detail
chagayAuthor Commented:
thank you .
I already convert the database
using the odbc of sqlanywere
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