How to delete records Tlistview

I am using Tlistview to store search
results, if I want to start a new
search, I want to delete the old
records in it, how to delete old records? I am using Tlistview.items.clear
but it not work, the old records still
inside, only clear Tlistview form.

Thanks & Rgds
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Try using the UpdateItems and Refresh methods for your TListView. You've cleared the items but it might not be redrawing it

The Neil
Items.Clear deletes all record that are stored in Items, so it should work, another issue if you are doing time consuming thing afterwards, e.g. immediatly after Items.Call, TListView is not updated.
chiwan: Are you associating objects with each item in the listview? If so, you will need to free the objects yourself, Items.Clear will not do this for you. You could do it like this:

for I := 0 to listview.items.count - 1 do



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chiwanAuthor Commented:
I have tried both methods you point out,
but not work. I am just wonder should
I distroy Tlistview before I start a
new search.

Thank& Rgds

Can you calrify what you mean by "the old records still inside".

Perhaps if you showed us the code where you populate the list view it would be clearer...


chiwanAuthor Commented:
I make some other thing wrong, your
method works very well, thank you.
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