Image interference with IE but not NN

I am building my first website using Frontpage 98. When I inserted photographs they looked fine at first. However, when I previewed them using the Internet Explorer browser the pictures had awful patchwork-quilt like interference. When I previewed them with Netscape Navigator there was no problem.The same problem occurred when I used GIF or JPEG images.
What is the problem? Will the same interference occur when I actually publish the website?
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dambigbuckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like your colors are set at 256.  Try setting them to High Color (16 bit).  

Goto Control Panel, then Display.  Goto the Settings tab and set your colors higher.  

If that does not resolve your issue, could you post the images to a temporary page so that we may see them?
dnorwoodAuthor Commented:
Right first time! Thanks dambigbuck!
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