read a pdf file then output it to a html file.

How do I read in a pdf file, then output this file to a html file to be viewable in a browser? (coded examples please)

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vishoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:

 Hi cb168,

      There are  2 ways to convert PDF documents to

      (1) By sending the URL of the PDF document to
      ADOBE site and requesting for the conversion,
      For example
      To convert the pdf file security-spec.pdf, at
      Go to URL,
      and specify the url on the conversion form as

      and the html page(converted) will be returned
      back to the browser.

      A cgi program does this conversion,so you can
      also call this cgi in a html document or java
      program to convert the pdf files.

      But you will not be able to convert local pdf
      files that are located inside the firewall of
      your organization. The pdf files should be on
      internet. Also you shoulbe be  'connected' to
      internet to access this cgi.

      (2) For local files, download the plugin from
      After installing the plugin,open the document
      in PDF to be converted and select
            File > Export Document To HTML..
      to convert your PDF document to HTML.

      I am not sure that whether this conversion is
      possible on command prompt (can be  called
      from Java Program)

- Vish
Check out the following sites , download the api given by them to create and view a pdf
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