I am looking at Compact computers with AMD Processors and HP's With celeron processors. Which is better.
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ZerquishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends which models. The new recent so-called "Pentium III Celeron" will run better than a so-called "Pentium II Celeron". And it also depends what you compare between AMD and Intel. What I recommend, is the new AMD Athlon, but which is still kind of what we call expensive. I think that you should ask yourself how much you want to spend. If you're just asking what's the best, then go for the AMD Athlon 800 Mhz or higher. It has also a system bus of 200 Mhz.
Compaq and HPs to me are equal...
But the AMD chip, what one? Because the K6 series is very different to the K7.
I'll assume K6-2/3.
THese chips are interesting to say the least as there are many different test results from many different tests to compare the two. With reference to games, in some cases, the 3DNow! processors beat the Celeron, usually where the application is optomised for 3DNow! In one test I saw the K6-2 consistently performed faster than a PII running at the same clockspeed in Quake 2. The difference got larger as the res got higher.
For the Celeron, it, as you know, can be enormously overclockable. They are cheaper than PIIs but have similar performance (With the 300a and above). In general use they are faster than the K6-2 and the motherboards tend to have less problems with AGP than Socket7 mobos (at least used to).
Personally, I like the K6-2 but I am a bit biased against Intel (not to the extent I'd pay for a Athlon and not get a good enough PIII). I haven't got any problems with frames in any game so far.
Windows wise I doubt you would notice.
True, I compared it to the older Celerons. They're different chips though. You'll have to get everyone's opinion and do whatever you think is best eh?
My advice is though, opinions here are more useful than any shop assistant's opinion.
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