ActiveX controls in a web app

Why does my web application not install the ActiveX Control?  I am using VB6 to develop my application and I package and deploy it placng everything in the .cab file.  So why then will it not show the ActiveX control?  It is OK on a developers machine because that person already has the control installed.  On a user's machine they don't already have the control and all that appears is a rectangle where the control should be.  Just like the box that appears if there should be a picture but the picture cannot be found.

We are using IE5.

Any other info that you need to know then just ask!!  Ah yes, we are using IIS 4
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Is the security of IE on high?
Perhaps it would be helpful if you could send the .inf file which is located in the cab and the object-tag you use in your page.
andcuAuthor Commented:
We have since got in contact with Microsoft.  Keep you posted!!
andcuAuthor Commented:
We thought security in IE too but made no difference.  :-(
There are a few different things that could cause this problem.  Could you supply some more information such as:

Do you have any third-party controls in the ActiveX control?

Have you used the License Package Tool for your control?

It may help to see the HTML you are using for your control...

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andcuAuthor Commented:
Ah, yes!!  I'd forgotten all about this question.  Apologies.

The answer is that the lpk file was missing just as is one of your suggestions jmoore01.  I shall accept your comment as the answer
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