Beginner's doubts.


I want constructive helps on the following issues.

I have developed  an ATL com application in windows. This application's functionality includes accessing the registry settings for setting a application as screen saver, validating the user, launching the default browser(say IE or netscape) with an url, using controls such as macro media control(an .ocx file) and web browser control(.dll) file to display some gif ,bmp images etc..

Now my requirement is to port the application in mac, using the cross platform edition VC++ 4.0 for macintosh. Is it possible first(this is my first priority option).  If it is not possible, then how should i go about developing application from scratch. can i implement all the above listed functionalities in mac development? Please help me in this with your suggestions or any other related web links.

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Alex CuryloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You definitely cannot port it directly, much of what you describe has no straightforward Mac equivalent. Besides, VC++ Mac is now unsupported, doesn't work for much beyond really basic MFC apps, and stuff made with it sucks really hard anyway.

Registry: There is no system screen saver setting. You need to write your own interface as a control panel. AfterDark semi-popularized a Gestalt selector 'SAVR' to advertise the presence of a screen saver which most well-written screen saver programs set and respect.

Launching/controlling browser: This is accomplished using InternetConfig on the Mac, which probably comes with your development environment.

Macromedia OCX: No Mac OS equivalent. However, QuickTime 4 plays Flash files, if that's all you're concerned with.

Web browser control: No straightforward Mac OS equivalent. Newer systems have an HTML-based help system which might serve your needs, or you could always embed the mozilla code. But if all you're doing is displaying gif/bmp/etc. then the correct way to do that on the Mac OS is by using QuickTime.

Don't have answer for you, but you may want to check the link and see if it's any use to you.
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