A second CD Rom Drive

I currently have a DVD Drive on my computer and I would like to add a CD-RW to my computer.  There are only 2 IDE ports on my motherboard.  One is connected to my HD and the second to my DVD rom.  How do I hook my CD-RW up???  PLease be very specific and go step by step because I am a computer novice.  
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Each of the two IDE ports can have up to 2 IDE drives on them.  So you can have a total of 4 IDE devices.  It's likely that your IDE cables have only two connectors on them.  Get a 3 connector IDE cable (most computer shops have them) and make your DVD the MASTER and your CD-RW the SLAVE on the secondary IDE cable.

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tsengtAuthor Commented:
Do you mean a IDE cable should have 1 connector to the motherboard but splits out into 2 connectors on the other end.  Also, how do you set up which is the Master and which is the slave on the secondary IDE cable?

An IDE cable with 3 connectors is laid out like this:


The X represents a connector and the --- represents the wire.  The leftmost X goes into the MB and the other two go to the drives.  The cable is straight so you must change a jumper on the drives themselves to make them MASTER or SLAVE.  Usually there is a set of jumpers on the back labeled M, S, and CS or MASTER, SLAVE, CABLE SELECT.  Set ONE of the drives to M and the other drive to S.  Don't use CS unless your computer manual says to use it.

If you can't find the jumpers, check the manual for the drive.
My name is MudSystems EngineerCommented:
And is a good advise no to mix IDE and Atapi, ok in plain english, place you two CD in a single cable, this will be the Secondary IDE port, like jhance say, and the HDD in the Primary IDE port...

just a suggestion...

BTW, what kind of CD-RW you're gonna buy??? do you know about buffer underruns??? how to burn, and on what???
tsengtAuthor Commented:
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