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What is the best Unix book for a beginner? Thnx!
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AstromanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Begginng Unix is full fo stuff like you mention, but it goes into reasonable detail, teaching basic shell scripting, grep, tr, sed, awk etc, use of Cron and all about other unix basics such as filesystems and running cron jobs.

I don't know what the best book is for systems programming - I haven't really done any ( I don't think, what sort of thing do you consider systems programming?).

This book is definatly introductory, I gave mine to a beginner once I'd gotten past it, but it does give you a very good introduction to the basics.

If you need to know more about administrating your system (i.e you have your own UNIX box and have to look after it yourself) "Essential System Administration" from O'reilly is indispensible. If you want to know how to really make UNIX and the shell work for you (not C programming) "UNIX power tools", again by O'Reilly, is full of really neat tips, shell scripts and the like.

Good luck.

When I first Learnt UNIX at University, we were recommended the book

"Beginning UNIX" by Mike Joy.

I found this book a very good starter text, teaching me enough to be able to experiment and learn more. Once you have the basics the online manuals are a good reference and there are many good books on specific topics.

O'Reilly often produce very good books on UNIX subjects (amongst others). I recommend them highly, to the extent that if I need a book on a subject, and I CAN"T pre -read it, I'll buy one of theirs.


Are there any topics you're specifically interested in?
beneflexAuthor Commented:
Not any particular topics right now! However I would love to go into systems programming once I know Unix. I can get around in Unix such as log in/out, change directory, file permission, vi, ftp, copy/paste, all the basics things. But I don't know which Unix book is good so I can learn more. I went to bookstore and they had too many of them. This made me confused! Thanks!!
beneflexAuthor Commented:
This sounds what I like Astroman! I'll try to grap this book! Thanks!
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