restrict 10/100 ethernet card to only 10

This is the problem:
Got these three computers:
a brand new G4, a PowerPC (7,000 series), and a G3 laptop.
The PowerPC controled the printing (before the G4).
With the G4 now in place, it will do the printing.
The printer was connected via appletalk.
The new G4 doesn't have an appletalk connector.
No problem I thought - got an ethernet -> appletalk converter (kinda looks like a mini hub)
problem - the converter does not accept 10/100.
Somehow it does not support the auto-detect thing, and only works at 10.
This network is primarily for printing, so 100 isn't really nessacery.

Is there a way I can restrict the ethernet card to 10?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure...Get Apples Speed/Duplex tool from . It will give you 4 options for setting the speed. Two in the 10bt range and two in the 100bt range. Go with the 10bt Half Duplex setting.
packratt_jkAuthor Commented:
checking on that one...
should know by wednesday for sure
packratt_jkAuthor Commented:
Two foreseeable problems:
1) it's running os 9
2) it's a G4, not a G3
OS9 wont make a difference. Whether its a G4 or G3 shouldnt matter either. Try it and check your System Profiler to make sure its forced a 10bt connection.
packratt_jkAuthor Commented:
I like your quick response.
Long story short - this wasn't for me.
ends up the person already just went and bought the 10/100 -> appletalk bridge with auto-detection, so this question is kind of pointless.
so, lucky you, you get the points
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