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Hello everybody?So, I have a network and I need to log all pages accessed by my intranet.E.g.: If somebody of my intranet access ftp.cdrom.com, I´ll that a registrer of this was record in a log file like this:

ftp.cdrom.com   - - 01.21.2000 - 10:00 Am

Somebody know how can I do somethink like this?

PS.: I use slackware 3.5, with kernel 2.0.36

Thanks a lot.

Daniel Angst
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edicomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well, one way would be to set up a proxy (squid for instance) so that your users have to use this proxy to reach the Internet. then the log files from the proxy should give you just that.
squid can proxy http, ftp, and gopher services.
Also maybe if you use masquerading/routing, you can have logs of what s going to the internet.
I think there s something like transparent proxying that may help you log things in the kernel, but if I remember well it s not in the 2.0 series.
Else you can use something like netwatch which can tell you interactively which machine is connected to where, which protocole... It can also generate log files I think.
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