changing a motherboard

I have a pentium 3 500 computer with an abit be6 mainboard already up and running with windows 98. I want to install a new motherboard,(Asus p3c2000) and just transfer all the components. My question is,.. do i have to reconfigure all the info on my harddrive as well as the irq and connections or will the new  motherboard recognize the information already on my harddrive??? I hope i've made this question clear. Thank you.
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This goes both ways.  Short answer, no.  Windows 98 will automatically detect the new MB and configure itself accordingly.

However, some people prfer to go delete all the items out of the device manager and let 98 redetect all the settings and etc.  You won't lose any application data, though, but if you have any odd hardware you'll have to go run around and find drivers again.

I've always just swapped MB's without doing anything special.

PS you posted this twice.  You should delete one of them before people answer them both and they're both locked.

Hope this helps.

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Ed, that is a bit of a simplistic approach to the question isn't it? There are major differences just in the bios!
Dew (Sorry, don't recall your name):

I don't think its overly simplistic at all.  We perform this process all the time switching from old 486's to pentium MB's (Some company eh, our upgrades are to p120's) and all we ever do is backup the data (policy, anything we touch gets backed up, but we've only restored twice out of thousands per year) and then swap it out.  Windows98 will auto detect the differences and it works like a charm.  

Yes, admittedly performing a backup first would be nice, but I lack those resources for my personal home pc so i'm assuming Mr Nelson1125 also lacks said resources.  I'm takin a liberty here and making an educated guess, but assuming N has the hardware swapping capability, i'm confident he'll be ok.  

Of course you have a significant amount more experience than I do, and I respect that, so please by all means fill in any blanks I have left.
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Open regedit

Go to:


and delete all the keys beneath it.

Then go to:


and repeat the delete procedure.

This will insure that no incorrect device entries are left behind and that Win98 finds all of the new ones.

nelson1125Author Commented:
Thank you both, gentlemen. First thing this morning i'll swap the motherboard. I now have a pretty good idea, and i feel pretty confident about replacing it. Thanks again.
I'm glad to help.

Of course, if you have any problems or questions, you know where to look.  ;)
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