Multiple Proxy and domain servers.

Migrating from NetWare 5 to NT 4.  Over the WAN, I'd like roaming users (laptops) to enter each site, not have to change the Domain or the proxy settings and access all (as if in their home location).  Is there a 3rd party software that will enable this feature?  Or is this possible using strictly NT?  I would like the users to have as minimal configuration as possible. (Im sure you all know why!)

Any thoughts would be great!

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BareFootConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What are the roaming users accessing? Just web sites or files, applications, etc.

Do you have seperate domains at each site? If so, are trusts set up?

It should be do-able with just the NT facilities, but it depends on what the users are accessing and how.
tdevosAuthor Commented:
i figured it out...thanks
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